Sarah McCready's story

Sarah is a long-standing member of the Centre.  Amongst other symptoms, her MS severely affects her mobility and her eyesight but she never lets them stop her and gets involved in the Centre in so many ways.  Sarah benefits from a number of our treatments including oxygen therapy and also loves to participate in the social activities like Boccia and our Art Group.

During lockdown she decided to do something to help raise funds for a place that she holds dear in her heart.  With the help of her family she did 30 laps around her garden in her electric wheelchair every day for 35 days.  It may sound simple, but with failing eyesight due to being unable to have oxygen treatment during the pandemic, as well as chronic MS fatigue, it was no easy feat.  Come wind, rain and a lot of sunshine, Sarah never gave up and completed her challenge in 35 days, raising an incredible £1,500 in the process!

“The Centre is a home from home.  On occasions when I don’t go I feel lost, like part of my life’s been taken away. I wanted to do something to help the Centre and I love my garden.  Because I took part in many of the Centre’s MS Miles from the start I also wanted to keep myself going outside every day. So I decided to do laps around it to raise money.”

Sarah McCready

You don’t have to push yourself like Sarah did, although you can if you want to.  Choose whatever challenge you want.  Your only limit is your imagination.  To help you we’ve put together some ideas below.  Whatever you do please follow the current advice on social distancing and stay safe!

Our top 5 ideas!

Run, Cycle, Wheel

35 miles across 35 days

Eat 35 chillies

as fast as you can

Give up chocolate

or cake for 35 days


or recycle 35 items

Knit 35 bobble hats

in exchange for donations

Remember, as long as the challenge involves the number 35 (or 3.5, 350, 3,500 etc), it counts!

Some more ideas....

Fitness Challenges

  • Run 35 miles across 35 days
  • Stand at a frame for 35 minutes
  • Do 35 skips on the spot/in a circle
  • 35 leg presses
  • Swim 35 lengths of a pool
  • Cycle 35 miles/km
  • Walk for 35 minutes for the month of September
  • Do 35 press-ups
  • Do 35 sit-ups over 35 days

Food Challenges

  • Bake 35 cup cakes
  • Make 35 canapes
  • Eat 35 gherkins/sprouts/chillies

Creative Challenges

  • Take 35 photos of wildlife  / landmarks / portraits of people
  • Knit 35 scarves
  • Create 35 drawings
  • Paint 35 masterpieces
  • Make 35 pieces of jewellery (friendship bracelets will do!)
  • Design 35 t-shirts

Technology Challenges

  • Give up your phone for 35 hours
  • Go 35 hours without looking at social media
  • Watch 35 hours of a tv show/back to back films/binge-watch something
  • Learn how to do 35 new things on the computer

Other Ideas

  • Give something up for 35 days (alcohol, chocolate, sweets, cakes)
  • Don’t shave for 35 days
  • Tell 35 people about the Centre and how they can help
  • Donate 35 items
  • Raise / Donate £35
  • Upcycle 35 items (You could sell them and donate the proceeds!)
  • Volunteer 35 hours (Expertise sharing)
  • Leave the house 35 times in the month of September
  • Wear 35 different outfits in one day
  • Wear 35 pairs of socks for a day / change your socks 35 times in a day
  • Visit/contact 35 people in a day
  • Deliver 35 ‘gifts’ (a card counts!)